Mononpropylene Glycol: What It Is And How It Works

      Mononpropylene Glycol – Keeping up with the pace of new product development in emerging personal care categories is a challenge. Natural preservatives, innovative solvent systems and performance-boosting ingredients are all needed to meet the needs of today’s consumers without sacrificing tomorrow’s growth potential. Innovation in personal care isn’t just about launching new products; it’s about … Read more

The Uses of Standard Solutions: A Guide to Understanding and Using Everyday Lab Solutions

      Standard solutions are, quite simply, solutions that have been standardized for a particular application. There are many different types of standard solutions available to chemists today, but they all serve the same general purpose: to simplify and expedite the chemical analysis and isolation of a specific element or group of elements. Standard solutions are also … Read more

Potassium Permanganate Uses: 10 Surprising Ways You Can Use Potassium Permanganate at Home

      When you think of an antiseptic, the first thing that comes to mind is whether it can be used to disinfect something. While it is true that antiseptics are effective for disinfecting, there’s more to them than just the ability to kill germs and bacteria. Potassium permanganate, also known as KMnO4, is one such antiseptic … Read more

How is Phosphoric Acid made?

      Phosphoric acid is a strong mineral acid with many industrial uses. The most common source for producing phosphoric acid is natural minerals, such as phosphate ore. Phosphate ore must first be processed to make it suitable for producing phosphoric acid. Other names for phosphoric acid are: orthophosphoric acid, hydrogen phosphate, or monomethyldiphosphoricacid. It’s an inorganic … Read more